Losing your hair can be a result of a change in hormones as we age combined with family history of hair loss. In other cases such as burns or trauma, hair replacement may be considered a reconstructive treatment and may even be covered by your health insurance. Whatever your motivation for exploring hair replacement, trust the experts at Boca Raton Hair Center to help you on your way to a more confident you.

Our professional technicians offer everything from full to partial hair replacement. Boca Raton Hair Center's methods offers a natural solution without the pain of surgery or potentially harmful chemical treatments.

Created from the highest quality human hair, Boca Raton Hair Center's hair replacement systems are made to feel and look like natural hair. Boca Raton Hair Center has years of experience and can provide you a solution that is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

Our technicians are also some of the most sought after Boca Raton hair stylists who have the experience to give you a cut and feel that you will love.

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