What is a consultation?
It's where Gail Robson herself, goes over everything about hair replacement. From hair transplants, hair pieces, to the condition of your hair loss. She will give you your options and direct you to the right hair replacement technique that fits your needs.
How can I schedule a consultation with Gail Robson?
Call our office 561-338-8775 or email us at brhc@bellsouth.net
Do you work with chemotherapy patents?
Yes, we carry a large selection of wigs, accessories, hats and the most natural comfortable hair replacement on the market for chemo patents.
What if I have an emergency and need to get an appointment after hours?
No Problem! Our phones are forwarded to serve any Emergency appointments upon request.
How long is a regular appointment?
As long as it takes for a haircut and a little longer if needed color. Our goal is to make sure you leave happy and confident that you look better than ever.
Do you service existing hair pieces that are not from BRHC?
Yes we do. Unfortunately a lot of companies put their bottom line before their clients. At BRHC we always put our clients first. That is why we only order the finest hair your money can buy and why you are dealing with the owner of the company. We don't compromise!
How much does it cost?
Wigs/hair replacement (system) can run anywhere from $100 to $3,000 and the cost depends on your hair loss and your life style. I can assure you that a $100 wig/system can look good if the workmanship and the stylist are good and a $3,000 wig/system can look bad if the work is poor.
What if my hair color changes (gray), density (more hair loss) or would like to try a new look?
It's really simple actually. We can change your color or hair style at any time. We strive to make sure we match your hair perfectly with your hair loss and color as you age oh and keep you in style too!
What methods do you use to keep the units on the head?
While there are many methods to keep your hair in place I have found in 20 years as a Hair Replacement Specialist that the best and most comfortable methodology is to use medical adhesive. We do support other methods such as clips and weaves but we have found that the medical adhesive method is better for multiple reasons.
What is a program client?
WOW "Where do I start?" Years ago when I was working at a large company "The Club" and they were losing clients left and right, they decided to LOCK their clients into the "PROGRAM". This was done for two main reasons. Firstly, it made everyone pay on a monthly basis. The second reason, and the main one, was to try and stop clients leaving to go to the competition. Being a large company started "THE PROGRAM" a lot of smaller companies decided to follow, thus making "THE PROGRAM" sound more mainstream. At Boca Raton Hair Center we believe in giving a 110 percent effort to always make sure our customers are happy. We don't have to lock our clients into long term contract to prevent them from leaving. Why trap clients into a contract, after all it is a free country.
How long does it take to receive my order?
New orders take approximately 10 weeks or less. If it is an emergency we can order a pre-custom system or order "rushed" from the factory. All rushed orders are priced accordingly.
How long will my system last?
New orders take approximately 10 weeks or less. If it is an emergency we can order a pre-custom system or order "rushed" from the factory. All rushed orders are priced accordingly.
How can I keep my hair in good condition?
This is actually very easy. Listen to Gail Robson as she has been doing this for 20 years and she can give you directions on the best way to care for your system to get the most longevity from it. Time is definitely money in this situation and following Gail's instructions will save you money over time.
Can I swim and sleep with my hair?
Absolutely! We want you to live your life and view this as your natural hair. You will have a little more maintenance but you can live a normal life easily.
Do you make your own wigs and/or hair replacement?
In 20 years I have hear it all "from new clients" that other company's make their systems in house and/ or have their own factories sad. In 20 years I only found one company in the USA that makes their own systems in-house and only use synthetic hair, it comes down to economics. These systems are good, don't get me wrong, but they are extremely expensive and only work on men for tape on systems only. Again you can look like you have a $6,000 system on and spend much less if your stylist knows what she is doing and you follow her instructions.
Hair Loss: A common problem in both male and female?
About 85% of men will have significant hair thinning by the time they're 50, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Some men begin to loss their even when they turn 21.
Male-Pattern baldness (male and female): Blame Hormones
With male-pattern baldness, a hormone called DHT causes hair follicles to shrink. Eventually, the follicles shrink so much that no hair can grow in them.
Hair Loss Medication: Finasteride
Taken as a prescription pill, finasteride slows hair loss by slowing down the bodies production of DHT. Some men have been able to grow new hair while using it. In general, it's considered to work better than minoxdil. Pregnant women should not handle the drug since it can cause birth defects in male and fetuses. Like minoxdil, it works only as long as it's used.
What happens with a hair transplant?
A doctor will move healthy hair from the back and side of your head to the top to restore a natural look. Hair transplants can be costly and you may have to have several procedures. After two months, most of the transplanted hair is shed, but new hair grows back. Within six months, the hair starts to look normal.
Make the most of the hair that you have
There are styles you can use to make your hair loss less noticeable. Cutting thinning hair short lets you avoid obvious comb-over. Hair care and styling products may add volume to your hair. Diet and handling your hair gently will also help.

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