Gail Robson (Owner/Operator) was born in New Jersey and moved to Florida at an early age. After graduating high school, while taking classes at college, she was running the front desk of her mother's hair salon. With high aspirations and wanting to improve upon the family business, Gail moved to cosmology school. After she was in school a week the teachers put her on the floor to cut, style, and perm hair. "I guess that was my reward for cutting the hair of my friends in school" Gail remembers. After graduation cosmology school, Gail moved to Guam and traveled the Pacific. While traveling she worked in multiple international salons, all the time, learning new and improved techniques.

After traveling the Pacific Rim for a few years Gail moved back to the U.S.A. to live in Boca Raton, Florida. Not really know much about Hair Replacement she interviewed at a large Hair Replacement company and was instantly hired for her technical abilities. Within weeks she was proficient in Hair Replacement and one of the top stylists at the company.

Seeing a niche market and with the talent and desire to succeed, Gail decided to start her own company in 1995. "I started the company because of my love of helping people and the company I was working at the time just didn't get it." says Gail Robson founder of Boca Raton Hair Center.

She was taught from an early age that she could achieve anything she set her mind to if she applied herself. She was taught to love, respect and accept everyone and above al always try to make a positive difference. Therefore, Gail treats her clients like they are family and will never compromise for economic reasons.

BRHC's goal is to provide an upscale ambience while meeting all of our client's needs, at an affordable price. We provide a relaxing "NEW WORLD CHIQUE" environment with every aspect of pampering so that all of our clients leave the salon feeling perfect.

Gail attends multiple education functions and seminars all over the country every year to stay in touch with the latest developments in hair replacement. "I know how important appearances are and the effects it can have on people's lives," says Gail Robson. "The goal that I have been striving for as the owner is to provide every client with their desired look so they can leave BRHC with ultimate confidence."

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